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 What stats will look like - Voici un appercu des stats

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PostSubject: What stats will look like - Voici un appercu des stats   Thu 4 May - 1:45

Thank you [lG]Defrost a.k.a. Daan... Very Happy

Stats will be posted every week at least in this forum.

This is how sats are seen:

How stats are calculated:

The score is based on only two parameters and is therefore very simple. The
first parameter is the amount of ownages and the second is the number of
fights. The last parameter indicates how many players you have fought, the
first how many of these fights you have won. So the amount if ownages is always
less then or equal to the number of fights. You own a player if you have killed
him/her more times during the match then he/she has killed you.

After every match the players ownages and fights are increased by the number
of ownages and fights of the last match.

The formula to calculate a players score is:
1000 * owned ^ 1.2 / fight
Why this formula? Well because the more ownages you will have the higher your
score will be. Suppose player 1 has 100 ownages and 10000 fights, player 2 has
only 40 ownages but 50 fights. Which player is better? It's clear that if we
were only to count the number of ownages, player 1 will have a higher score.
This ain't fair for player 2 since his ownage/fight ratio is much higher, and
in fact he would probably be a much better then player 1. So thats why it is
divided by the number of fights.

Why not just use owned / fight * 1000 as score? Suppose player 1 has 4 ownages
and 5 fights, player 2 has 40 ownages and 50 fights. Now this would mean but
players have a same score of 800 points. But again this isn't fair for player 2,
since it's much harder to a 4/5 ownage/fight ratio with 50 fights instead of
only 5 fights. Thats why the number of ownages is raised by a power of 1.2.

Si vous avez des questions ou besoin de traduction francaise laissez moi le savoir.


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What stats will look like - Voici un appercu des stats
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